Advice Bomber Atletico Madrid For Liverpool About How Premier League Champion

Advice Bomber Atletico Madrid For Liverpool About How Premier League Champion

Atletico Madrid striker Fernando Torres gives tips to his former club, Liverpool in order to win the Premier League trophy this season Agen Judi Bola. According to El Nino, there is only one key they have to hold during a competition that is consistency.

Torres consistency rate to be one obstacle Liverpool to be a champion. Last season they often appear fiery when facing big clubs. But always stumble if you meet the club medioker. Many important points disappeared until the Reds finally thrown from the competition.

With the presence of Mohamed Salah who made their front line increasingly frightening, Torres requested that the forces of Jurgen Klopp really pay attention to consistency. The challenge is they must be able to perform consistently despite being involved in three domestic competitions and Champions League.

“Managers know how to use players of type like Salah and they show that they are dangerous when attacking. But in the end this is all about consistency, that’s the most difficult thing to do in football, “said Torres told Liverpool’s official website.

“When you play against these top teams in European competition, you have to be consistent and I think they look better and get better every year. If they can do a little better this season, they can do great things, “he cried.

Can Be a Great Team

Torres assess the potential of Liverpool is very high. Last season they proved it by finishing the top four. If last season’s performance continues to be maintained, Torres has great confidence Liverpool will again repeat the great times like two decades ago.

“They do things better. Last season was very good with a few ups and downs, but I think they showed that they could be a great team, “Torres said.

“They play together one more year and if they can keep all the players out of the way and injured, everyone will be wary of what they will do,” added Torres. (Source: Liverpool Echo)

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