Holiday in Qatar, Pique Vehicles Rolled Out in the Desert

Holiday in Qatar, Pique Vehicles Rolled Out in the Desert
Light accident experienced Barcelona defender Gerard Pique, while on holiday in Qatar. However, the pillars of the Spanish national team was actually considered an interesting thing Situs Judi Online.

Pique looked on holiday with two colleagues in Barcelona, ​​Jordi Alba and Sergio Busquets. It is known from his uploads on social media.

While on vacation and enjoying the desert, Pique tried to show his skill in driving all-terrain vehicle, boogey car.

Only, riding boogey was not as easy as running a conventional vehicle. Moreover, Pique wore it in the desert.

As a result, the vehicle driven Pique rolled. The moment was then distributed to an audience by a 30-year-old player through his personal Instagram.

“A pleasant moment,” Pique wrote shortly as she uploaded a video of her driving a boogey.

The accident also did not result in injury. He also seems to be directly joining his colleagues because Barcelona will begin to undergo pre-season training.

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