Jacksen Disappointed Barito Can Not Achieve Points at Persela Cage

Jacksen Disappointed Barito Can Not Achieve Points at Persela Cage

Barito Putera have to bury the dream of winning a point at home to Persela Lamongan in the first round match of League 1 in Surajaya Stadium, Lamongan, Friday (28/07/2017) afternoon.

Had evened the score to 2-2, Barito finally had to admit defeat. Goal Fahmi Al Ayyubi in the 87th minute to make Barito must go home empty-handed.

Previously, Persela got a goal from Jose Coelho’s donation in the 25th minute and Samsul Arif (31 ‘). Barito replied via Gavin Adsit in the 32nd minute and Rizky Rizal Ripora (81 ‘).

“We congratulate Persela who came out as winners and we regret that the start of the game we are able to master and create some absolute true chances,” said Barito coach Jacksen F Tiago in a press conference after the game.

“But there is the impression of underestimating the opponent and finally Persela print two goals first. In addition, Persela is also able to take advantage of opportunities at the end of the game and then out as a winner, “added the Brazilian coach.

Despite his disappointment, Jacksen was realistic. He also hopes the Barito players take valuable lessons from the game so that no longer repeat in the second round.

“We have to do an evaluation of this result and hopefully the next match can be better. There are several additional players, including one striker striker (Willian Lira) which we really need from the beginning of the competition, “said Jacksen.

Jacksen also did not forget to give credit and praise to the attackers Persela, including young striker Fahmi Al Ayyubi.

“Honestly, I do not see the process clearly because my view is not clear. So I do not want to comment with certainty and suddenly the ball is already inside (goal). But if I look, it’s because of the advantages of Fahmi. We already know that, but it’s hard to explain it in the field, “he said.

The Barito player, Dawn Handika, was also disappointed as they failed to keep the draw. Moreover, Persela is a former team strengthened by Dawn.

“As a player a bit disappointed too, let alone this my former team. The valuable experience of this match, we should be more able to strengthen the defense again, because many are loose and make us several times misses, “said Dawn.

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