Jose Enrique Hanging Shoes At 31 Years Old

Jose Enrique Hanging Shoes At 31 Years Old

Former Newcastle United and Liverpool player Jose Enrique has retired from football at the age of 31 because he has a series of recurrent knee injuries.

The left-back, who was born in the Spanish city of Valencia, played for La Liga club Real Zaragoza last season with 24 performances but, despite surgery, decided to quit the world of the round skin.

Enrique made 228 appearances for nine seasons in England after serving his previous duties at Valencia, Celta Vigo and Villarreal.

“I can not play without treatment, I can not even practice, it’s very difficult,” Enrique told the media.

“Often I get dizzy while swallowing a lot of drugs and every time the game kicks in, my knee swells like a ball and I can barely walk for three days.”

“It hurt me, but many times they told me that it was a psychological problem I believed in, but after the surgery, I never saw any change and it was frustrating.”

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